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December 2009 Highline Customer Appreciation Expressed
From: Robert Goff
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 9:24 AM
Subject: Hitchcock Hall Air Conditioning, Tracker 200639

Many many thanks to everyone who was involved with the air conditioning project in Hitchcock Hall, Tracker 200639. Your efforts made this project a great success. Last summer’s record heat wave challenged the system, but it came through with flying colors. What a difference these improvements have made for our research and teaching activities!

As a Hitchcock resident who was closely involved throughout with planning and construction, Robert was repeatedly impressed with the intelligent approach taken to resolve conceptual and practical problems of the project, and by the thoroughness of all phases (planning, development, construction, implementation) of the project. Everyone involved worked well together and brought about a successful completion, despite having to deal with a complex existing system and with the inevitable potential setbacks. And of course no project can achieve success without adequate funding support.

The professionalism and cooperation of the project team made it a pleasure to work with you. We can assure you that everyone in Biology -- and especially the research and teaching residents in Hitchcock Hall -- appreciate and acknowledge your diligence. Our collective thanks for a job well done.

Ray Huey and Robert Goff

Raymond B. Huey, Professor & Chair
Department of Biology
University of Washington
July 2009 - Barry Dahlbeck Assists with Idaho Cx Law
HTSI recently received news that efforts made in Fall of 2008 to support a bill in the Idaho legislature were successful. Mr. Dahlbeck corresponded with Senator Werk of Idaho regarding possible approaches to providing performance assurance for integrated design/construction projects.

In the first regular session of 2009, Legislature of the State of Idaho passed Senate Bill No. 1132. This new law requires fundamental commissioning by third party certified commissioning providers for high performance school construction projects that use integrated design/construction process.

The following are excerpts from the new law:

“33-356. SCHOOL BUILDING DESIGN AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY. (1)(b) Each school district that seeks to qualify for a reduction in building replacement value calculation provider for in section 33-1019(4), Idaho Code, shall use integrated design and fundamental commissioning in the design and construction process of such building.”

“(2) For the purposes of this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings: (a) “Fundamental commissioning” means the use of a third party to review the building design, building systems specifications and to specify and monitor preoccupancy system testing to ensure functional integration of specified systems and functional operation of systems at the completion of a project.”

(b) “Integrated design” means a process to develop consensus among the project team and owner as to the energy savings and building performance goals of the project and to identify strategies to achieve those goals, including documentation strategies for design decisions to ensure accurate implementation of design through construction.”

“(3)…It shall further be the duty and responsibility of the administrator of the division of building safety to provide assistance to compile and cause to be made available to school districts a list of all third party building commissioning agents that appear on such list are certified by the building commissioning association or similar certifying agency.”

For a complete copy of this legislature, go to http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2009/S1132.pdf
June 2009 HTSI President to Speak at National Building Commissioning Conference
Mr. Dahlbeck will conduct a 4 hr workshop on Commissioning for LEED Version 3, at this year’s NCBC conference, held in Seattle, WA. The workshop will focus on guideline changes and new requirements for new construction LEED projects. The presentation explores the anticipated level of rigor that will be expected by LEED Version 3 when it launches later this year.

For more information contact, Barry Dahlbeck, President bdahlbeck@gmail.com
April 2009 - Highline Selected for WA GA On-Call Commissioning
The State of Washington’s Department of General Administration selected HTSI as a preferred commissioning provider for upcoming projects. The contract will be a two year duration beginning in July of 2009. Commissioning services may include new construction and existing building commissioning. HTSI’s commissioning capabilities include mechanical, electrical, acoustical, audio visual, telecommunication, security, and building envelope.

For more information contact, Barry Dahlbeck, President bdahlbeck@gmail.com
January 2009 - Barry Dahlbeck Re-Elected as BCA Region President
HTSI President, Barry Dahlbeck, has been elected for a second term as President of the Northwest Region Building Commissioning Association. His term of presidency is a one year appointment beginning in January 2009.

The Northwest region includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii. The Northwest region grew by 15% during Barry’s first term as president and is expected to continue to grow despite our current economic climate. The NW region includes approximately 130 members which is 12% of the BCA’s total membership.

Mr. Dahlbeck’s previous BCA participation includes Event Committee Chair and National Board Member, NW Region Liaison.